• solar and battery storage is our DNA

    Given the continuing cost reductions in solar technology, and increasing electricity prices, Australia is experiencing a boom in privately developed solar power facilities.


    A key driver is state and local government authorities actively seeking to reduce their energy expenses, creating a substantial demand for a wide range of renewable energy solutions. Plus, an increasing number of solar power facilities are being developed to directly service private property and communities, commercial property, retail shopping centres, farms and industrial production.


    The 360Utilities team have completed projects both within Australia and internationally encompassing some 160,000 installations both large and small. We partner with organisations that want to implement significant or complex projects utilising solar and or solar and battery storage.


    We also run our own programs such as our Energy Deal project which has made owning a solar and storage system achievable to many more Australians.

    Comprehensive Analysis

    Understand the costs and benefits that will be delivered from your new solar power station, accurate knowledge enables good decisions.

    Exacting standards

    Our systems last for decades, the quality of the workmanship and products is an engineered outcome.

    Determining factors

    Be aware of all the factors when considering the right location and circumstances for your solution.

  • Our Services

    Solar Photo-voltaic, Battery Storage, Project Management, Financial Analysis, Supporting Software,

    Operating Systems, Installation and Supply Chain

    Peter Giannopoulos


    Our approach is formulated with the key risks facing solar projects in front of mind, and we remain sensitive to the needs and risk profiles of commercial and industrial customers seeking renewable energy solutions. 360Utilities has applied its expertise and experience in renewable energy project finance, project contracting, and execution to developing a repeatable methodology which facilitates the contracting and delivery process for small to mid-scale solar PV facilities and complex multi site projects. We can apply our systems and processes within other organisations to enable their ability to market solar and battery storage solutions to their customers.


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  • About US

    Our aim is to benefit the communities within which we work.

    We install solar systems and battery storage systems then maintain them


    360Utilities is a leader in the renewable energy sector.


    Our expertise is in Solar Photovoltaic and battery storage. We provide managed services to utilities and organisations that are wanting to implement renewable energy as a part of their business model or into their organisation.


    We do this by understanding requirements, designing a solution, which may include product supply chain solutions, installation management, sales systems and management processes.


    Our people are amongst the most experienced in the application of solar Photo-voltaic and energy storage technologies, specifically lithium-based technologies, having completed more than 160,000 installations small and large.


    We can apply our knowledge to C&I applications, volume residential applications or entire communities.


    Our team have completed projects both within Australia and internationally.


    "Our mission is to improve peoples lives, their financial circumstances and the planet on which we live."



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